About Us.  

Clarity Design Studios started in Virginia Beach, VA when Claire Eller (Clarity Design Studios Owner) began working in her mother's furniture refinishing business.  Faux finishes were becoming very popular and custom painting furniture was a great way to practice the art.  

Claire has developed studios over the years in Tampa, FL, Raleigh, NC and Southwest Virginia.  New areas with different design styles and preferences has allowed her to explore and expand her knowledge and capabilities artistically.



About The Owner

Claire Eller, Owner and Founder of Clarity Design Studios, comes from a faux painting lineage.  Claire started working for her mother, Nara Benson, and close family-friend and fellow faux painting business owner Joel Souza, at age 15.  After 9 years of learning from these very different but equally impressive artists, Claire moved to Tampa, FL and started her own business.  Quickly, Claire became one of the most well-known and oft turned-to faux painters in the area, working with the likes of Dr. Doodle and some of the premier Interior Designers in the area.

From her 24 years of experience, Claire brings with her an impressive artistic ability as well as sound business practices.  This not only provides a fantastic and completely unique finish, but also makes her easy and straightforward to work with.