Our Process

Where do we start?

We begin with an initial consultation.  At this meeting we explore the options of finishes.  It is important to include all of the decision makers in this first appointment.  Having samples and examples of fabrics, carpet, tile, wood tones, and any other design details available will be helpful during this meeting.

How do we choose the finish?

Several things are taken into consideration when selecting which finish and texture are best suited to your style & the ambiance we create for flow in your home.

  • Where do we create focal points?
  • What are the current conditions of the surfaces?
  • What type of durability is required?
  • What are your investment parameters?

Do we provide samples?

Yes. In every case we make samples specific to your colors, textures and the techniques.

How do we determine cost?

Each project is custom designed and therefore, unique.
Factors in pricing include:

  • Size of project
  • Intricacy of finish
  • Cost of materials and equipment needed
  • Number of projects to be done at one time
  • Height of walls & ceilings
  • Obstacles in space
  • Time limits/restrictions/deadlines
  • Condition of job site
  • Availability of project management on job site
  • Amount of prep-work required

How do we schedule jobs?

After the initial meetings we will present a proposal with specifics of the project detailed. Upon acceptance of the proposal, a contract is drawn up. When the contract is signed and deposit received, the schedule for work to be performed will be confirmed.